enseign_meditation‘If there is one thing you must understand, it is that every thought, even the most insignificant, is a living reality. Thoughts can even be seen; there are people who can see them. Of course, on the physical plane a thought is invisible and intangible, but it is no less real; in its own region and with its own subtle matter, it is a living, active being. The fact that this is generally unknown is the cause of much misfortune: human beings cannot see or feel that their thoughts are active, that they are either constructive or destructive, so they allow themselves to think whatever they please, without realizing that in doing so they are putting obstacles in the way of their own evolution. The Creator has given the mightiest, most potent form of power that exists to the spirit, and as every one of our thoughts is pregnant with the power of the spirit that brought it into being, this power is constantly at work. Knowing this, each of you has the possibility of becoming a benefactor of humanity: by projecting your thoughts into the farthest reaches of space, you can send them out as messengers, as creatures of light, to help, comfort, enlighten and heal others. Little by little, those who knowingly and deliberately undertake this work penetrate the mysterious arcana of divine creation.’

‘You must get into the habit of concentrating every day on the most elevated subjects. The spirit is a tremendous force, but people don’t believe in this power. And do you know why? Because they have tried it for one minute, and when they found that nothing changed, they made up their minds that they were wasting their time, that thought and the spirit were ineffectual! The fact is, of course, that they simply have not understood. You must realize that if neither thought nor the spirit can do anything, it is because matter has become so opaque, resistant and lifeless that it is going to take thousands of years to change it, to make it sensitive and subtle. And, as human beings haven’t even begun this work of transformation, matter still resists with all its might. If human beings had done some work in this direction in the past, their physical bodies would already be much more pliant, more accessible to the influence of thought and easier to educate. Their work would have made it possible for light, the spirit, to penetrate the body’s matter.’

‘One of the best exercises in concentration I have given you is to meditate in the presence of the rising sun: to focus all your powers of concentration on the sun, to the exclusion of every other thought, and to remain in this sacred attitude for a long time. If you manage to do this properly, you will soon feel strengthened, illuminated and fulfilled. And if, for instance, one of your organs is ill, you can do a great deal to help it by directing a ray of sunlight into its cells, a ray of light, love, kindness, vitality and joy.’


PA224‘Meditation is a mental exercise by means of which you strive to reach as high as possible in the spiritual world. It is a difficult exercise. To help you in this, imagine you are climbing a mountain, aiming for the peak. This image will lead you to another mountain within you. The summit of this mountain is known in initiatic science as the causal plane. Not only will the efforts you make to attain this summit give you the greatest possibilities for realizing your highest thoughts and wishes, but inwardly you will feel invincible.’

‘Meditation is a psychological and philosophical matter, an act of cosmic dimensions of the greatest importance. Once you have tasted the sweetness of this higher world, your convictions are strengthened and you can feel your faculties begin to obey you. When you want to put your mind to work, it obeys you, and when you want it to stop, it stops. It is as though the cells of your whole being had decided to conform.’

‘If you want to meditate, you have to understand the nature of work with the psyche. You must never try to rush the brain, for example, and force it to concentrate all at once, for this does violence to the cells of the nervous system, and the result is that they seize up and you get a headache. The first thing to do is to relax, to remain passive, as it were, while observing the gradual pacification of your cells. Naturally, it takes practice to be able to do this rather quickly, but eventually you will find that it only takes a few moments. BA302So to begin with, you must use gentleness, peace and love, and above all, avoid any form of violence. This is the secret of a good meditation. And once you feel that your nervous system is well disposed and that your 'batteries' have been recharged (for this passive attitude gives the body an opportunity to replenish its supplies of energy), then you can focus your thoughts on the topic of your choice.

 In order to be able to do your work without tiring, to be active, dynamic, ready and willing to undertake important work every day, you must learn how to use your mind correctly. This is very important. From now on, if you want to keep up your spiritual activities for many years, you must be very careful never to enter into meditation without preparation, even if the subject is something you love, something very dear to your heart, or there will be a violent reaction. Begin work quietly and gently. Immerse yourself in the ocean of cosmic harmony and draw strength from it, and when you feel your energies have been renewed, go ahead, launch yourself into a work with the participation of your entire being. Yes, for it isn’t only the intellect but your whole body, the entire population of your cells that must be mobilized to carry out your spiritual work.’


Meditation is learning how to remain linked to the divine world


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