‘People say they are working for the peace of the world, but they do nothing to make peace, it is all words, words, words. They join associations for peace more to be invited, eulogized, decorated, than anything else, not to live a life of peace, not believing that peace begins at home in their own cells and organs, in their physical and psychic bodies. They must live according to the laws of peace and harmony before they can emanate the peace they pretend to work for. They may be writing about peace, talking about peace, meeting in the name of peace, but actually they are feeding the spirit of war by being continually at war within themselves. What peace can that bring? Peace must be inside in their every thought, feeling, action. Then and only then will they be working for peace.’



‘It is always by eliminating something other than themselves that peace can be obtained, never by doing anything to improve themselves. That is where they are mistaken. I all the guns and weapons, if the Army, Navy and Air Force of every country in the world were suppressed, the very next day humans would invent some other means of killing each other. Peace is the consequence, the result of an inner sate of harmony, it is not obtained by eliminating anything external; it is inside ourselves that we must find and suppress the cause of war. Peace is the consequence, the result of being in perfect harmony and equilibrium inside yourself. There are ways of producing it; certain methods produce peace, but it is a whole science in itself and must be carefully studied.




This profound peace that goes far beyond words is difficult indeed to obtain; it takes will power, patience, love, and, above all, knowledge. When human being begin to understand Nature, when they learn to control their thoughts and desires and allow nothing to disturb their inner harmony, when they rid their system of everything that does not vibrate harmoniously in unison, then they know peace.’


‘Peace can exist only when our lower nature becomes the faithful servant of our higher nature. The purpose of the teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood is to awaken, develop and reinforce our higher nature. The Brotherhood works to spread love among all human beings and carries within it the idea of peace.’

Translation of the audio.  


PEACEA‘… true peace is impossible to lose once you have it. You still go through moments of agitation from time to time, but inside peace will reign. The ocean is agitated on the surface by high waves and flying spray ,but deep down, all is peaceful. Once you permit the real peace to enter, the outer upheavals will no longer affect you. Peace is the result of harmony, the absolute accord between all the parts that make up a human being. But harmony only exists when there is complete purity: it is a sign of impurity if all the elements are not in accord. If you eat something that disagrees with you, you feel sick, irritable and uncomfortable; once it is purged away, you recover. Impurity destroys peace. To obtain peace, you must work on purifying the system, eliminating whatever keeps the mind, the heart and the will from working properly. An Initiate is one who understands that the most important thing of all is purity, to be pure as a mountain lake, pure as the blue sky, pure as a crystal, pure as sunlight. With purity you attract all the rest. But it is not easy, you must make every attempt to understand and appreciate it, you must want it with every fibre of your whole being before you can actually have it.’

‘When all the cells are made to vibrate in unison with a sublime, unselfish ideal beyond the self, then there is peace. The sages have always said (and they are right) that peace cannot be had until your thoughts are filled with love, generosity, mercy, forgiveness, sacrifice… the thoughts that bring peace. When you wish more than anything to do the will of God, that is, to help mankind, to love all men, to serve them with loving forgiveness, then all the particles of your being vibrate together in unison with this idea: you know peace. Go to work on this idea of loving others, doing good to them, forgiving them, until your cells are thoroughly imbued with the idea and start vibrating in unison with peace. Then peace will be constant even in the midst of dreadful events. ’

‘Now each nation must realize that the moment has come for unity to exist throughout the world on a much wider scale than ever before. If all the governments were to unite, it would produce the same result as unity within the human system: strength, security, health and well-being for all… which is not the case at the moment, either for the world or for mankind. Mankind is not healthy, it is ill, it has developed cancer as a result of the prevailing philosophy of separation, each man for himself, his family, his country. This tendency is responsible for all situations that lead to war, because if each nation is a separate entity working only for itself, the interests of one will inevitably clash with the interests of the other. The world’s peoples must now be convinced that it would be better if they were united, that all mankind would then live better, more happily, more abundantly, with everyone free to travel from one country to another, learning to understand and love all the peoples of the world.’