How to love  


‘It is not enough to say, 'I love you'; you must ask yourself how you love. Yes, because you can eat it, drink it, breathe it and live in it, depending on your level of consciousness. Those who eat love remain on the physical plane and will never be satisfied, because they gratify themselves with inferior pleasures. Those who drink love taste subtler pleasures but are still deep in the sensual enjoyments and satisfactions of the astral plane. Those who are able to attain the regions of the mental plane thanks to art or philosophy breathe love. As for those who live in love in its subtle, etheric aspect, their love is the light of their spirit and the warmth of their heart, and they can spread this light and warmth to everyone around them. Those who live in this love taste plenitude.’

‘Love is a cosmic energy of extraordinary abundance and variety. The Creator, who is so bountiful, never intended human beings to look for love only in certain parts of the male and female body. He is far more generous and broadminded than that, so he distributed love everywhere throughout nature. Why must one wait to find a man or woman to experience love? This is where constraints, problems, unhappiness and dependencies come from. The truly great masters themselves cannot live without love, but they look for it and reap it everywhere around them. They are forever plunged in love: they breathe love, they contemplate love, they endlessly reflect on love. They know that everything in nature is love.’

True love is a state of consciousness

‘True love is not a feeling but a state of consciousness. It is worth meditating on this if you want to further your evolution. As long as you don’t know love as a state of consciousness, you will remain in darkness and will understand little about life. Of all the qualities that will bring you closer to this understanding of love, purity is the most important. And when I say purity, I mean thoughts and feelings that involve no selfish interest whatsoever. The words life, love and purity are linked. Why? Because life is based on love, and the purer this love is, the richer, brighter and more beautiful life is. The meaning of life is grounded in loving and being loved. When you love others with a love that involves no self-interest, you are like a life-giving spring to them. And from those who love you, you too will have life in abundance.’

How to love  

C0014ANP0205AN‘It is not enough to love people; you must ask yourself how you love them. Strive to introduce purity and light into your love, for it is this condition alone that enables those you love to grow and to attain fulfillment. True love must bring others all blessings: joy, peace, beauty, health and especially a sense of the meaning of life. If you see that the person you love is weakening and losing their joy of life, you must question your love, saying: ‘But what have I done to this creature? I was meant to cultivate it like a flower in a garden, but instead I have allowed it to wilt, I have damaged it!’ You have little to be proud of and must work to rectify your errors. Your love must help another grow, and only when you see that this being is blossoming because of your love can you be happy, proud and grateful to heaven.’

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