The Yoga of the Sun: Surya-yoga

Human beings are created in the image of the sun

‘The first thing one sees when one looks at the sun is its body, this luminous disk in the sky which is always the same shape and size, and which we can observe, measure and photograph as we please. But if we want to study what emanates from the sun, the light radiating from its center, and determine just what it is or how far it reaches into space, it is beyond the powers of the imagination. The human being is constructed along the same lines as the sun: we have a visible physical body with a distinct outline, but as for what we project - our thoughts and sentiments, our radiations and emanations - what do we know about them?’

‘Each ray of sun is a source of energy. This is why, as present day resources of coal, gas and uranium become exhausted, human beings will turn more and more to solar energy which has infinite possibilities. But solar power is not merely a useful energy on the physical plane. Light is a living spirit that comes from the sun and makes direct contact with our own spirit.’


Take the sun as your model

‘To take the sun as your model is to hold the highest ideal. B0404ANIf you choose to imitate a scholar, a writer, a philosopher, or even a hero, a saint or an initiate, you will no doubt receive some particles of their virtues, but this will never be as abundant or pure in quality as what you receive when you model yourself on the sun.

 The sun is the image of perfection, and if you take it as your model because you wish to illuminate, warm and vivify all creatures as the sun does, you will truly be transformed. Obviously you will never obtain the actual light, warmth, and life of the sun, but merely the desire to acquire these attributes will project you to celestial realms where you will accomplish wonders. Your desire to give light, warmth, and life to others will render you more luminous, warmer and more alive.’


Why look at the sunrise

‘Light thinks, speaks, sings and creates. To the extent that light is able to make its way into the human soul, it is reflected in the form of intelligence, love, beauty, nobility and strength.’

‘You must seek light, concentrate on it, drink it, eat it and value it above all treasures on earth. Whenever you have a spare moment, close your eyes and concentrate on the image of this light that penetrates everything and brings all blessings.’



‘When we meditate on the sun, we approach the center of the solar system, and the same phenomenon takes place within us. Our consciousness approaches our own center – our spirit, our higher self -- and fuses with it. But first you must learn to mobilize your thoughts, desires and all the tendencies of your lower nature for the realization of a high ideal. When a human being is able to unify all the chaotic forces pulling him every which way, when he learns to launch them in a single, luminous direction, he becomes a center so powerful he is able to radiate in all directions like the sun. Yes, those who manage to solve their own problems and to free themselves begin to work for all of humanity and become like the sun. They live in such freedom that their field of consciousness extends to all humankind, sending it a superabundance of love that overflows from their heart. When there are hundreds and thousands of beings on earth able to dedicate themselves to this work, we will feel a new life pass through all creatures…and one day humanity will reawaken completely transformed.’

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