art‘Only art has the power nowadays to touch men profoundly and awaken them to the true life. This does not mean that no criticism can be made of the forms assumed by art today, on the contrary. In fact it would be true to say that it is very, very far from the ideal of art as the Initiates understand it: an activity in which both true science and true religion are united. And yet, it is art that will save the world, an art that is conscious and enlightened by the truths of wisdom and love. In the future, artists will rank first in human society, for a true artist is priest, philosopher and scientist. Yes, for the function of an artist is to carry out on the physical plane that which intelligence conceives as truth and the heart feels as good, in order to permit the world above, the world of the spirit, to descend and become incarnate in matter.’

‘So many artists fail to consider their responsibilities! It never occurs to them that heaven, in granting them a gift, has placed a great treasure in their possession, thanks to which they are able to work wonders. Even those who know they have exceptional talent do not fully believe in the powers of this gift. It must be an artist’s ideal to lead people in the direction of the Divinity. His name will then be inscribed in the Book of Life, where it will be noted that he has saved a number of souls from tribulation and death. He need not worry about his own soul, for if he saves the souls of others, someone will come to save his! To those who spread the light, others will come bringing light.’

‘Artists are creators and produce works, and this is wonderful! art2But it isn't enough; they must also be concerned with what they themselves emanate. True art consists in making one's life and one's whole being a work of art, in which everything will be poetry, music and light - a harmony of colour, form and movement. And the art of the future will consist in helping human beings understand how they can rediscover their original face, the face of the Divinity. Much time, effort and work will be needed to reach this point. But you should not let the issue of time stop you, for although people's worldly creations do not belong to them - they have to give them up at the time of death - the work they have undertaken on themselves lives on forever.’

‘Anybody has the right, of course, to claim to be an artist. But the true artists are those who are capable of creating and maintaining an inner connection with the divine world. Whether they are painters, sculptors, architects, dancers, musicians or poets, this connection with the divine world is the only thing that will introduce an element of the eternal into their work, which is what gives value to a work of art. Before beginning work, all true creators feel the need to go within and receive the light from above that will illuminate their vision and imagination. The efforts they make to go ever further, ever higher, give them the revelation of true beauty, as well as the possibility to express it and transmit it to others. If, when truly inspired, artists can produce masterpieces, it is because their whole being is suffused with the spiritual light they have received. Only their spirit is capable of producing immortal creations.’