‘In nature everything sings and vibrates; all creatures emit vibrations that radiate around them in the form of musical waves. This is why it is true to say that everything in nature is music. There is music in a rushing stream, in the murmur of a spring, in the patter of raindrops, in the roar of a waterfall and the ceaseless ebb and flow of ocean waves. There is music in the voice of the wind, in the rustling of leaves and the twittering of birds. The music of nature constantly awakens and stimulates the musical sentiment in human beings, kindling in them the desire to express themselves through song or a musical instrument.’

‘Everyone listens to music, but in an initiatic school one learns to listen to music with a specific purpose in mind: to awaken one’s spiritual chakras, to take flight into space and rise to greater, nobler heights, to purify oneself and even to solve certain problems. When we listen to a piece of music, we must first of all know what it represents, whether it is a force for good or for ill (yes, there is music that represents danger), and what it conveys to us. Is it like the wind or like thunder? Is it like a torrent or cataract cascading down a mountainside? Is it like electricity? Or heat? Whatever the force it expresses, you must learn to use it. If it is the wind, you can imagine you are navigating a ship under full sail. If it is electricity, you can use it to set your spiritual ‘appliances’ in motion, and so on. Music is a force. Each sound produces vibrations which, according to their nature, activate in human beings impulses they must learn to make use of.’



In nature everything is music

enseign_musique2‘Music is the breath of the human soul and consciousness. It is through music that the soul manifests itself in the world. When humanity’s higher consciousness is awakened, when human beings develop their capacity to perceive the subtler realities, they will begin to hear the great and glorious symphony that reverberates throughout space from one end of the universe to the other, and they will comprehend the deepest meaning of life. It is by means of music that human beings spontaneously convey their feelings and sensations: it is through music that they express their deepest spiritual feelings and translate their joys, their sorrows, their love and all their most profound experiences.’

‘Choral singing in four-part harmony is an activity of great significance. In the first place, it is symbolic of what we must do to tune to each other, to create harmony among ourselves. The blending of voices over our heads is at the same time a blending of our souls and spirits. Secondly, choral singing is an expression of our desire to embrace the universe, to be attuned to and in harmony with the whole.’