Welcome to the official site of the UNIVERSAL WHITE BROTHERHOOD of Canada,
a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and practice of the teaching of the Master OMRAAM MIKHAËL AÏVANHOV

Here you will find extensive information regarding the development of one’s spiritual nature ; a number of tools for understanding the structure of the human being ; and various methods for improving daily life and gaining a true knowledge of oneself.

What is the purpose of a spiritual center ?

"We must establish centres of light throughout the world, because they attract the inhabitants of higher realms who rejoice in them. The beams of light we send throughout space by means of our songs, our meditations and our prayers are seen from great distances by celestial entities. Perceiving these clear rays of light shining through the spiritual shadows surrounding the earth, they come to contemplate these centers and shower their blessings on us. Gradually they come to know us, and we become citizens of the divine world. We must establish these relays of light throughout the world in order to form a link between heaven and earth. They are living conduits through which divine blessings descend for all human beings, and without them the earth would be prey to dark and destructive forces. If you truly wish to help your family, your country and the entire world, you must do everything possible to create these centres of light by means of  which the earth enters into contact with heaven. All human beings benefit from your efforts, thanks to which they receive spiritual nourishment and joy. This is the greatest, most glorious work you can undertake. You must never forget this."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov