The Power of the Words 'Thank You'

‘Thankfulness, gratitude, has the power to cleanse the body, neutralize poisons and renew physical matter. So learn to give thanks. Each day, several times a day, repeat, «thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…» Why are humans so ungrateful – ungrateful towards the Lords, ungrateful towards nature, ungrateful towards one another? All they remember of their day-to-day life is what they didn’t have or didn’t like, so they do not see that there is much to be thankful for. And yet, there is an enormous amount to be thankful for. Disciples who want to progress on the path of evolution must learn gratitude, for that is what will one day give them the key to the transformation of matter. Try to really understand that, if you know how to give thanks, the nature of the elements composing your physical matter will be different, more sensitive, subtler and more resistant, and you will feel your psychic and even your physical organs doing better work.’

‘You are walking in the street when suddenly, for no particular reason, you feel overcome with a sense of inner expansion, making you feel lighter. Now, not only do you find everything you haven’t noticed before interesting and charming, but the passersby also seem so friendly that you find yourself wanting to smile at them and share this sudden joy and cheerfulness that has come to visit you. Do not try to find the reason: true joy has no cause, just as true sadness has no cause. I am not saying that there are no objective reasons for being joyful or sad. But true joy is a state of the soul, which is beyond the hardships, obstacles and sorrows, and so experiences life as a gift from God and overflows with gratitude. True sadness however is a psychological state that blinds a being to everything that is beautiful and good, to the point that they only ever hold onto the reasons for being distressed. If you want joy to visit you often, cultivate gratitude – gratitude towards the Creator, towards nature and towards humans. And even if you have no reason at all to be glad, joy will come and take you by surprise, like when friends surprise you with an unexpected visit.’

‘You may say that in order to feel the need to give thanks you should have a reason. No, just give thanks. Do not ask yourself what reasons there are for saying thank you. If you want to experience this spontaneous joy that brings flavour, colour and light to your life, learn to give thanks also for no reason at all. Of course there are always reasons for saying thank you : you can thank God for the life you have received, this life that allows you to discover such riches ; you can give thanks for the good fortune you have in being healthy, in having a family and friends… And also think about all the bad encounters and all the accidents that can happen in a day, which you have been spared. When you arrive home safe and sound after being out in the car, for example, do you think about giving thanks? So many accidents can happen on the roads, and sometimes we come closer to them than we realize!’

‘When you say the words «thank you», you cause a source of light, peace and joy to well up in your soul. And this source floods all your cells. Little by little, you feel something in you becoming invigorated, fortified and lit up. And if one day you are faced with great hardships, not only will you not fall apart, but you will still be able to give thanks, and it is this ability to give thanks during trying times that will help you to overcome your hardships.’

‘“Thank you, thank you”… it is the simplest of phrases, but it is capable of melting all tensions. Repeat it several times, immersing yourself in its meaning. From the moment you introduce a feeling of gratitude in yourself and cause it to grow, it is no longer passive. By the law of infinity, it attracts by its vibrations those sensations and states which correspond to it. All blessing will come to you from this simple feeling of gratitude. When you are thankful, you attune yourself to heaven. You leave the narrow confines of your personal, egocentric self and enter into the peace of cosmic consciousness.’