The Power of the Imagination


‘Everybody dreams, wishes and imagines ; and since everybody imagines, everybody thinks they know what the imagination is. But they are mistaken: the imagination, such as the Initiates conceive it, can be described as a kind of screen which lies at the frontier between the visible and the invisible worlds, and on this screen are projected images and entities not normally within our field of consciousness. The imagination of certain very highly evolved human beings who know how to use this faculty receives and records a great many impressions which they then attempt to express or describe and realize. When they do this, their contemporaries may not understand what those realizations correspond to, but later they see that they reflect a perception of realities which already existed but which had not previously been manifested on the physical plane. If a man knows how to model and govern his own thoughts and feelings, he becomes capable of purifying his psyche to such an extent that his imagination becomes transparent and crystal-clear, and he begins to «see» the things of the subtle worlds. At this level, imagination and vision are one. Lead your imagination into heavenly places and let it contemplate those worlds of beauty, so that it may then reflect them. The imagination is a messenger: you can send it far, far away to register and bring back to you the splendours of Heaven itself. Many painters, poets and musicians have found inspiration in this manner.’

‘Why not use one’s imagination to resuscitate, build up one’s own strength and capacities and achieve something divine for the whole of humanity? Why not imagine that all over the world, men and women become good, intelligent, honest and beautiful, and that joy and plenty reign everywhere ? If you work for years, picturing only bright, positive things in your imagination, they will end by coming true; and if hundreds and thousands of people worked in the same direction, they would come true even sooner. But it is difficult to get human beings to unite for this purpose; there are always some who destroy what others build. In these conditions nothing good can be accomplished, and even the best ideals are bound to be stillborn. This is why we must all unite and work together.’

imaginationn‘You say you want to be happy ? Then work. True happiness lies in work, but obviously in work of a higher order than that which allows people to earn a living for themselves or their family. This work is necessary, but it is not enough. In order to be happy, men and women must learn to work with thought, feeling, imagination, and will-power, in order to prepare in the invisible the coming of a world of peace, harmony, and light. It is in this work that you will find fulfilment, and whatever the circumstances may be, this work will always be there for you. Upheavals in society may deprive you of all your usual activities, but you can do this inner work everywhere, even in the most difficult conditions, even in the other world. Because no one can take your intelligence, your heart, or your will from you; these are the only true riches you can always count on..’

‘Your future is something that you can prepare today. You have the power, through your thoughts and your imagination, to choose the right direction and to ask heaven for the gifts and circumstances that will enable you one day to manifest yourselves as beings of peace, goodness and light. This is an absolute; you will be back on earth one day, and the circumstances you will meet with depend on what you do here and now to prepare your life in the future. An understanding of this truth is fundamental for your future.’

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