Harmony and Health

Lotus Flowers at Sun Rise by Bahman Farzad

‘The day men broke the bonds that linked them to Heavenly harmony, misfortune began to rain down on them. And things are bound to go from bad to worse, for men are moving ceaselessly further and further from God, becoming more and more lawless and anarchic; they have no respect for anything any more. Yes, all this is reaching terrifying proportions. Wherever you look, even amongst the members of organized religions and spiritual teachings... all are infected with the germ of anarchy. We had better prepare ourselves for the disasters that lie ahead: wars, disease. Every organic disease results from a weakness or vice in the individual; it is human beings who create their own illnesses. When nervous tension is too strong, one kind of illness appears; excessive sensuality produces another kind of illness; when disharmony increases, yet another kind of illness appears. Every illness is the result of a certain disorder. To guard against it, therefore, we have to work at harmony, to think about harmony every day, to ensure that we are in harmony with the whole of mankind, the whole universe. Of course, I know that no one is capable of living perpetually in a state of perfect harmony, but you can always be conscious and vigilant, so that, as soon as you realize that you have slipped back into disharmony, you can get a grip on yourself and reverse the situation again. You must never allow yourself to harbour a climate of disharmony for long. ’


P0225ANharmonie2-- ‘Every morning, when you first wake up, you should begin the day by attuning yourself to the world of universal harmony. Only then should you get your breakfast, talk to your children, kiss them and get them dressed, or go to work. When you go to visit someone, your first thought on entering their house should be: 'May peace and harmony reign in this house!’

--‘The Laws of Harmony are the most solemn laws of the universe. Think about this, meditate and observe yourself and your reactions and see what state you are in when you act; then you will understand why, in certain cases, you fail to get good results. Even when your intention is good, if you yourself are not in harmony, the good you intended will not have the conditions it needs to manifest itself; in fact, you will be disturbing something in the invisible world. You must never undertake anything when you are in a state of disharmony.’


How To Fuse Into The Cosmic Harmony

harmonie5‘By studying respiration and its relationship to the rhythms of the universe, Initiates have found that, in order to communicate with a particular region of the spiritual world, man has to choose the appropriate rhythm, make it his own and use it as a key to establish contact, exactly as one can tune a radio to a particular station if one knows the right wavelength. The wavelength is an essential factor in making contact with a particular broadcasting station, and the same is true of breathing: you have to know what rhythm to adjust to in order to make contact with a particular region of the universe. In this way, respiration can unravel great mysteries for you, but only if you accompany it with some mental work. As you breathe out, think that you are expanding to the very outer limits of the universe, and then, as you breathe in again, you contract and withdraw into yourself, into your ego, that imperceptible point at the centre of an infinite circle. Again you expand, and again you contract... In this way you discover the movement of ebb and flow which is the key to all the rhythms of the universe, and when you become conscious of this movement within your own being, you enter into the harmony of the cosmos and establish an exchange between yourself and the universe. For, as you breathe in, you inhale elements from space, and as you breathe out, you project, in return, something of your own heart and soul. He who knows how to harmonize his being with the respiration of the cosmos enters into the sphere of divine consciousness.’