The Powers of Thought

PortraitOMA‘If there is one thing that is important for you to know, it is that every thought, even the most insignificant, is a living reality. Thoughts can even be seen; there are people who can see them. Of course, on the physical plane, a thought is invisible and intangible, but it is no less real: in its own region and with its own subtle matter, it is a living, active being. The fact that this is generally unknown is the cause of much misfortune: human beings cannot see or feel that their thoughts are active, that they are either constructive or destructive, so they allow themselves to think whatever they please, without realizing that, in doing so, they are putting obstacles in the way of their own evolution.

God has given the mightiest, most potent form of power that exists to the spirit, and as every one of our thoughts is pregnant with the power of the spirit which brought it into being, that power is constantly at work. Knowing this, each one of you has the possibility of becoming a benefactor of mankind: by projecting your thoughts into the farthest reaches of space, you can send out messages of light to help, comfort, enlighten and heal others. Those who undertake this work knowingly and deliberately  gradually penetrate into the mysterious arcana of divine creation..’

P0224AN‘Make up your minds, therefore, to project only thoughts and feelings that will have the most beneficial effects. Whenever you feel that you are no longer in control of the situation, that you are giving way to a negative impulse, you must immediately react and correct your sights..’

‘Depending on their strength, nature and quality and on the intention and emotion with which they are charged, man’s thoughts seek out specific beings or objects. Some thoughts have a very short life, whereas others can survive for hundreds and even thousands of years. Yes, there are still thoughts abroad in the world today that have been there since the days of Ancient Egypt, Syria or Chaldaea, or even Atlantis. Some of these thoughts are so evil and venomous that they are still destructive, whereas others, on the contrary, are still the source of great blessing. Each thought is like a human being; it tries to live as long as it can, and when it has no more strength left, it dies. And all thoughts of the same nature get together and reinforce and amplify each other. But we are not in the habit of thinking of thoughts as living entities…'

DP7004AN‘A true spiritualist has the conviction that thought is a reality and that it possesses all powers. Knowing this, he makes good use of every moment of his day to make his thought work for him. Even in the most unfavourable circumstances, when others would be unhappy, defeated or in revolt, a spiritualist manages to find light and peace, for he is above circumstances. Whereas those who don’t know how to use their thought in this way spend their time feeling sorry for themselves and are permanently defeated. They don’t know that they possess an instrument capable of putting them out of the reach of circumstances, and because of their ignorance, their possibilities are always very limited and they become weaker and weaker and closer and closer to death. Man has the power to neutralize his circumstances so that they no longer have a negative effect on him. But he has to work to achieve this. If he just waits and does nothing to improve his situation, he will be defeated by it. Even the greatest spiritual Masters, when they incarnate on this earth, have to accept appalling conditions: privations, illness and persecution. Yes, but they surmount all these difficulties because they adopt the philosophy of the spirit. So henceforth, whatever happens to you, tell yourself, «Yes, it is true that my circumstances are very bad, but I have the power within me to trigger currents which are real and extremely powerful and which are sure to get results.» If you do this you will be on top of your circumstances; if you don’t,  it is they that will always be on top of you, and you will be crushed by them. If you train yourself to think like this every day, it will not be long before you find yourself victorious in even the most dreadful, the most unfavourable circumstances. Yes, because you will have been capable of setting in motion forces that are more powerful than the circumstances. The spirit is above everything else, and when you manage to become one with it, to identify with it, you receive strength, peace of mind, and illumination.'


Thoughts and Feelings materialise

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