Sunrise in Rila


--In reality, every kind of work can become as spiritual work. For me, everything I do is work. The word «work» is always in my mind; I try to make use of everything. I never discard anything; I use it all. Even when I am motionless and apparently idle, I am working with my thoughts, sending life, love and light throughout the universe. Do it and you will see for yourselves! You will at last discover the meaning of your life.

--Man was created in the image of God. By thinking of light, of the splendour and perfection of God who is infinite, almighty and all-loving, even without intending to, man finds his own original image. God has so many qualities and attributes that no one could ever exhaust all of this wealth -- and in this way he models himself and gradually draws closer to perfection.

--Perhaps some of you would prefer something more impersonal than this preoccupation with your own image? If so, you can think of the world as one immense family whose members all love, understand and smile at each other. Picture a world in which there are no more wars, no more national boundaries, in which all human beings are free to travel and meet others. The whole earth sings a hymn of joy and gratitude to the Creator. Yes, you can think of so many wonderful things for the happiness of mankind! Isn’t it better to do that than to occupy your mind with all kinds of selfish, prosaic things?

--You can also think about the life of all the Heavenly entities : the Angels, Archangels and Divinities, all the Heavenly Hierarchies. Think of their qualities, of the light in which they dwell, of their love, and above all, of their purity; wish for all that splendour to descend to earth. In this way you will be building bridges and establishing channels of communication, so that all the perfection, wealth and beauty of that higher world may really and truly come down to earth one day.