Explanation of The Name and The Logo




This signifies that the teaching is offered to all people living on earth, whose destiny is to live together as sons and daughters of the same Creator.


This term must be understood symbolically and without reference to the color of the skin. It refers to white light, the highest spiritual symbol, which is the synthesis of all colors (as they are reflected through a prism), colors considered in the mystic tradition to be manifestations of the soul’s virtues.


Because they have been fashioned in the image of God, human beings are capable of expanding their consciousness to encompass a universal concept of life.



The name Universal White Brotherhood therefore represents a program. It is essentially a pedagogical and psychological teaching that enables people to engage in a work on themselves. Thanks to this work, they come to know themselves as true brothers and sisters of all humanity, as sons and daughters of God, and as increasingly conscious inhabitants of this immense dwelling that is the universe.

Who are the disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood?

[…] «And when I speak of the disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood, I mean all those who work for the light, whatever their religious or spiritual affiliation. All who work for the good are members of the Universal White Brotherhood, and it is they who will purify the earth.»

OMRAAM MIKHAËL AÏVANHOV, The Fruits of the Tree of Life, The Cabbalistic Tradition, Volume 32, pp. 83-84.


A change of consciousness

[…] «The name Universal White Brotherhood presupposes another way of thinking and working, with different methods and a different goal: the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth and happiness for all humankind. I explain the words Universal White Brotherhood for you because for me these three words express the entire future of humanity: how we are to work, how we are to think, and to what end. Everything is contained in these three words; it would take me years to explain all that they signify. The name apparently bothers some people; they object to it. If they only understood what it signifies! It expresses the notion that human beings must broaden their consciousness; they must think collectively in order to bring about the good of the whole world.»

OMRAAM MIKHAËL AÏVANHOV, The Key to the Problems of Existence, Volume 11, p. 241-242.


Translation of the audio

«At this moment in time, certain currents are flowing in toward humanity. Increasingly, these emanations, radiations and forces are coming to us from the constellation of Aquarius. And since this constellation favors universal brotherhood, it introduces in us the notion and the desire for collective life. One day all of these tendencies that are not yet clearly defined will clear a path and become extraordinary. The whole world will feel the need to exchange, to know one another, to travel, to sow seeds and to sing together, creating a universal brotherhood. As the constellation of Aquarius carries out its work, this brotherhood will become worldwide and glorious.»

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