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The secret of love

Walk on the path of power… ‘Human beings' intellect is naturally inhabited by pride, and their heart is naturally quick to react with anger. Pride and anger are two violent poisons that are difficult to neutralize, and yet their antidotes do exist. The antidote to pride is humility, and the antidote to anger is gentleness.…
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IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO WORK WITH BREATH ‘In your day-to-day life, you will have noticed how often you lack patience! And it’s this lack of patience that prevents you from expressing all your good qualities. Every day then, try to develop the ability to bear things more patiently. In other words, instead of immediately…
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TREASURES WITHIN US THAT WE MUST PROTECT You will have noticed in day-to-day life that it is easier to obtain something than to keep hold of it. Any number of people who are capable of using all their intelligence, willpower and patience to achieve success and obtain what they want will then behave so carelessly…
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The power hidden in our hands

Our hand - puts us in touch with human beings and with nature One of the functions of the hand is to enable us to make contact with other beings. When we meet people of our acquaintance or even strangers, we greet them with a wave or shake their hand. But hands are a means…
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