The logo of the Universal White Brotherhood

This symbol represents a new form of the astrological sign of Aquarius (the water bearer), heralding the Age of Aquarius. This era brings new currents of universality, brotherhood and unity. It is an age of living knowledge. The symbol of Aquarius is an old man pouring water from an urn. He represents the wisdom from which the living waters flow.

The circle represents the sun. It signifies that, like the sun, the new era will bring us light, warmth and life, which symbolize wisdom, love and a new way of living. In the Zodiac, the sun rules in the sign of Leo, which is opposite the sign of Aquarius. The sun symbolizes the Christ, who brings a new golden age to humanity. Like the circle, the sun is the symbol of unity, harmony and universality; it gives equally to everyone. As such, it embodies the truths and principles -- including universal brotherhood -- expressed in all the great religions.

The Anchor  (in blue, representing heaven, the spirit, spirituality) is the symbol of the faith that holds fast to a solar high ideal, to the source of life. It is the symbol of navigators who travel the ocean of life, and of the hope that connects us to the divine world.

The water represents a spring pouring forth its new life, its force, its purity and clarity. The sign of Aquarius is an air sign, indicating that this water is of a subtle, spiritual nature. Allied with the fire of the sun, it shows human beings the path of the second birth and makes possible their fulfillment: “Unless a man be born again of water and the Spirit [or fire], he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.” John 3:5.

The hands teach us the philosophy of giving. This is the symbol of generosity, mutual aid, action, diligent effort and the great work to be accomplished.

The rope  is our connection with the source of life. It expresses the idea of the living chain of the brotherhood and of the high ideal to be attained, uniting us with God.