The sun , an inexhaustible source of energy.


‘Each morning, the sun rises, full of life and vibrant, and sends its wealth of light, warmth and life out into space. And some people wonder why they remain insensible to it, as if there was a screen between them and the sun. Actually, there is a screen, because they have never seen the need to prepare themselves before appearing before the sun. If you lead your life any old how and think and feel whatever you want, you cannot hope the sun will reveal itself to you. You will simply feel as if you are in front of a large, shiny ball, and you will become bored very quickly.
But if you prepare inwardly before going to meet the sun, you will understand not only that the sun is a dazzling world inhabited by highly evolved entities but also that thanks to the sun you can solve many problems and situations you had thought were inextricable. Yes, the sun can do more for us than give physical warmth and light: it can open our intelligence and our heart. ’ Daily meditations June 5, 2014


‘In the morning, when you go to contemplate the sunrise, do not merely regard it as a celestial body which exists outside yourself. By means of thought, endeavour to draw it into yourself. You do not yet know what transformations you are preparing in yourself when you introduce the vibrations, the energies and the life of the sun into your heart and soul. Even if what I am telling you appears strange, agree to do this exercise. The sun is the fire of life. So, as you approach it each morning, tell yourself that you can capture a spark, a flame, which you will place deep within you and carry as if it is the greatest, most precious treasure. Thanks to this flame, your life will be purified, transformed, and everywhere you go you will bring purity and light. ’ Daily meditations August 26, 2003


The sun is the source of universal love


‘The sun is the source of universal love: it leaves its particles of life in all of nature, and we then receive these particles via stones, plants, animals and even humans. Yes, men and women also possess a few particles from the sun, but only very few, of course, because they don’t make the effort to attract them; this is why they are unable to bring one another fulfilment. True love is found in profusion in the sun, and that is where you should look for it. ’ Daily meditations July 09, 2010

‘Take the sun as your model, as it sheds light, warmth and life. You will say there are other models: a scientist perhaps, an artist, a philosopher, a hero, a saint or a spiritual Master, and they seem so much more accessible than the sun! Of course, and you will no doubt be influenced by their qualities and virtues. But in reality you will always be missing something. Even if you take the greatest Masters of humanity as your models, you will still not have the image of true perfection.

The image of true perfection is the sun, and if you take it as a model and wish, like the sun, to bring light, warmth and life to all creatures, you will undergo a deep transformation. Your light, your warmth and your life will never equal the sun’s, of course, but simply wanting to acquire them will transport you to the celestial regions, where you will work wonders. The desire to give light, warmth and life like the sun make you yourself more light-filled, warmer and more alive.’ Daily meditations June 06, 2015.

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