The first day of the year


It is important now to have a better understanding of the New Year, to receive it with the deep conviction that it is a rich and living being that comes to us with great gifts. If we are to receive these gifts, we must prepare a number of places within ourselves; we must tirelessly cleanse them, chasing away everything old that has accumulated in our hearts and minds. Before the New Year arrives, we must prepare a place for it within us.

The Cabbalah states that since the new year is influenced by the stars, the birth of a year is like the birth of a child. It is the birth of a living being which lasts one year. When a child is born, we determine its horoscope based on the day and hour of its birth in order to chart the events that will unfold throughout its lifetime. It is the same for the year: the first day determines the first month; the second day, the second month; the third day, the third month…. So it is important to live, think, feel and comport oneself , at least during the first twelve days, with the purpose of establishing an intelligent, luminous base, according to which these months will be welcomed, influenced and oriented. This is what the Cabbalah says. Is this true? You must verify it. Some of you will say: ‘I did everything possible during the twelve days, but the year wasn’t great.’ This is because you have allowed old things from the past to influence it. You must cleanse, scrub, wash and purify everything within you.


I ask you to be conscious, in other words to be vigilant, attentive and master of yourselves in everything you do during these twelve days. And pay special attention, because it is just when you make such decisions that all the little scallywags and gremlins within you come to make you itch, to tickle you and harass you. You mustn’t sit by and do nothing. I know this isn’t easy, but your desire to take on this work is wonderful. It is good to possess all knowledge, but it is even better to strive to apply it. This is a practice worthy of the disciple!

Believe me, this is absolutely true, and in fact one day you will know for yourselves the reality of the observers, the judges who are within you. I am speaking to you about this today so that with the new year you will remember to register within you only those thoughts, sentiments and acts that are positive, luminous. You are like bees loaded with pollen, and you are going to prepare the most delicious honey to nourish the creatures on high. Yes, those who know how to prepare honey, who work to prepare honey for the Lord, are bees. And we need bees because they alone know the laws of the new society, of the new brotherhood. Bees bring us a whole teaching, and if we become bees, it means that we are working for the universal brotherhood. We are preparing honey in harmony and purity.

A happy and luminous New Year, my dear brothers and sisters!

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

(extrait de la conf. inédite 1-1-63)


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  1. Vous êtes le meilleur inspirateur que je n'ait jamais rencontré sur le site
  2. Merci pour votre conseil

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