The power hidden in our hands

Our hand - puts us in touch with human beings and with nature

One of the functions of the hand is to enable us to make contact with other beings. When we meet people of our acquaintance or even strangers, we greet them with a wave or shake their hand. But hands are a means of relating not just to human beings; through them we can also relate to nature. In the morning, when you open your window or your door, make a habit of greeting the sky, the sun and the trees. Say good morning to the whole of creation. You may ask, ‘But what use is that? Is there any point?’ Yes, the point is that you are beginning the day with an essential act – connecting with the sources of life. Also, the whole of nature will open up to you in response to your greeting, it will send you energies for the rest of this new day, and you will feel more alive.                                                                    Daily Meditation: Saturday, August 25, 2012.

aaaaa Hands - imbue objects with our emanations

You leave traces of yourself on everything you touch. And the fact that someone's identity can be discovered by means of their fingerprints and that no two prints in the whole world are alike is ample proof that the hand can express a person's unique character. Everything that passes through your hands becomes imbued with your fluids, your emanations, and transmits something of the quintessence of your being. When you give someone a gift, you are already communicating something of yourself by means of this object, and if you live a disorderly life the object is going to pass on the negative waves you have unknowingly introduced into it. Even if the object you are offering is magnificent and expensive, the person who receives it will not benefit from it. So, you yourself are more important than the object you give; be very aware of that.         Daily Meditation: Thursday, August 19, 2010


Buddha - looking at his own right hand

In some portrayals of the Buddha, he is looking at his right hand. But is he only looking at it? Actually, when the Buddha is concentrating on his hand, he is making contact with the great hand of the Creator, that is, with the whole universe, with suns, stars and nebulae. And in the Creator’s hand, the Milky Way represents the line of Saturn. If the Buddha is concentrating on his hand, it is because the hand is not simply a physical organ we use like a tool or instrument. It is imbued with a mysterious power, by means of which it communicates with nature’s subtle bodies. Like the Buddha, anyone who concentrates on their hand can connect with the universe. They will feel they are in the hand of the Creator, nourished by the energies they receive from its centre.                Daily Meditation: Thursday, August 18, 2016


Praying - bringing mind and heart together

Bringing the hands together is one of the gestures of prayer, and it is a gesture full of meaning. The right and left hand coming together represent the union of mind and heart, of thought and feeling. The mind, thanks to its light, finds the best request to make to heaven, and the heart supports this request with its warmth. There are many, many paintings where artists have depicted people in prayer, even children and angels with their hands together! That doesn't mean that in order to pray you have to physically put your hands together, no, for it isn't the physical side that counts but the inner. You should bring mind and heart and, higher still, spirit and soul together, for it is that union that gives prayer its power.    Daily Meditation: Monday, July 26, 2010

Omraam Mikaël Aïvanhov

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