You will have noticed in day-to-day life that it is easier to obtain something than to keep hold of it. Any number of people who are capable of using all their intelligence, willpower and patience to achieve success and obtain what they want will then behave so carelessly and recklessly, they lose it all! And this is even truer, unfortunately, when it comes to the inner life. So, if an idea comes to you, if you feel some inspiration or impulse, do your best to keep a hold of it, and not just that, but nourish it and make it grow. Never forget that beings of light in the invisible world are watching you. If they see you concentrating on the essential truths, on the essential riches, they give you what the earth will never be able to give you. And take precious care of what you have received; you do not know how many entities have rallied for you to obtain it. Yes, how can you think you have acquired it on your own, without any help? So now, do not be neglectful or ungrateful. Preserve this treasure; keep it safe. Daily Meditation: January 9, 2012



Those who have received the gift of a beautiful voice should know they possess a great treasure, thanks to which they can work wonders. But singers are often like spoilt children; they don’t consider how valuable their talent is, and, most importantly, they don’t reflect on the best way to use it. ‘Which is what?’ you will ask. To wrest humans from their mediocre, petty preoccupations, and inspire in them the wish to embrace a new life, dedicated to beauty and light. And then the names of these singers will be recorded in the book of life. It will be noted: they have opened hearts, enlightened minds and saved souls from tribulation and death. All activity born of a disinterested idea and placed in the service of a divine cause possesses the seed of immortality. Those who are conscious of this law acquire true wealth, for winning a soul to the light is higher than anything else. Daily Meditation: May 12, 2008







In the morning, when you go to contemplate the sunrise, do not be content to look at it as just a beautiful sight. Through thought, endeavour to make the sun penetrate within. You say that you are trying to perfect yourself, and that it is very difficult and you cannot do it. But strive to bring the sun into your heart and into your soul, and you will feel something begin to vibrate differently. Even if what I am telling you may sound strange, agree to try this exercise. The sun is the fire of life. So, every morning, approach the sun with the conviction that you can capture a spark or a flame that you will bury deep inside and carry preciously as if it were the greatest treasure. Thanks to this flame, your life will be purified, sublimated, and everywhere you go, you will bring purity and light.  Daily Meditation: July 1, 2018

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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