‘In your day-to-day life, you will have noticed how often you lack patience! And it’s this lack of patience that prevents you from expressing all your good qualities. Every day then, try to develop the ability to bear things more patiently. In other words, instead of immediately reacting to words and events, be quiet inside, breathe deeply, and call upon all the powers of peace, harmony and light to help you find a better attitude. It is so important to work with breath! That is also why, when you do the breathing exercises in the morning, you can inwardly repeat the word ‘patience’ and be filled with its meaning, vibration and aura. And as you say this word, add an image that increases its power, until this virtue finally permeates your whole consciousness.’   Daily Meditation / April 5, 2008

‘Breathing and its workings have been studied closely by yogis in India for many thousands of years and they have understood their importance for our vitality and also for the correct functioning of our mind. And since they researched the subject so thoroughly, they also discovered that all the rhythms in our body are related to cosmic rhythms. So, in order to make contact with certain entities or regions in the spiritual world, we need to find its specific rhythm and use it as we would a key. This is exactly what happens when we seek to tune into a radio programme on a specific frequency. In order to receive the frequency emitted by a particular station, we need to know its specific wavelength. The same goes for breathing: in order to make contact with a specific region in the universe, we must know which rhythm to use.’   Daily Meditation / September 20, 2017

‘But donʼt misunderstand me: I am not advising you to launch into complicated breathing exercises; on the contrary. You are not Indian yogis and, if you are not very sensible and careful, you could become unbalanced and injure your health like so many others before you.’ Excerpt from "Respiration" Brochure #303


                                               INHALATION, EXHALATION… INAHALATION, EXHALATION…

‘Meditation is breathing, so too is prayer, ecstasy and all communication with heaven. Those who wish to deepen the meaning of the process of breathing can gradually feel their own breathing merge into the breathing of God. For God too breathes: he breathes out and a world appears, he breathes in and a world disappears... We can get a small glimpse of this process on certain days in summer when we see light white clouds suddenly appear in the sky, and a moment later they just as suddenly disappear... God’s in-breaths and out-breaths obviously take place over billions and billions of years. The sacred books of India tell us that one day God will breathe in and our universe will return within him. And then, again, he will breathe out and a new creation will appear... Through human beings, God breathes more quickly, but in the cosmos, his breathing is a lot slower. And therefore, the slower our breathing, the closer we come to divine breathing.’   Daily Meditation / August 29, 2017



‘Conscious respiration links us to God, for He said, ʻTake a deep breath and listen, and you will hear My voiceʼ. Here is an exercise you can do: take a very deep breath and at the same time say a prayer while you are breathing in, holding your breath and then letting it out again. You can take the first three supplications of the Lordʼs Prayer, for instance: As you inhale, say to yourself, ʻHallowed be Thy Nameʼ. As you are holding your breath, say, ʻThy Kingdom comeʼ. As you are breathing out, say, ʻThy will be done on earth as it is in Heavenʼ. You must learn to breathe consciously, that is to say, to think about what you are doing while you breathe. During your daily breathing exercises, instead of breathing automatically while your mind is busy counting, count with your hands and release your thoughts; fill your mind with the most luminous images and ideas; in this way, you will be doing magnificent work.’ Excerpt from "Respiration" Brochure #303

ʻBut one of the very best exercises you can do – and I advise you to get into the habit of doing it every day, several times a day – is to inhale light. Pick a quiet spot where no one will disturb you, sit comfortably and breathe: imagine that you are breathing in cosmic light, the light that is even subtler, infinitely subtler than sunlight; that intangible, invisible quintessential light that permeates all creation. Let this light penetrate deep inside you and circulate through all your cells, all the organs of your body. Then, as you breathe out, you draw it from yourself and project it outwards to enlighten, illuminate and help every single creature in the world. This is a truly extraordinary exercise.’  Excerpt from "Respiration" Brochure #303

‘He who learns to breathe consciously develops a clearer mind, a warmer heart and a stronger will; he also prepares better conditions for his future incarnations. Yes, because, by his conscious participation in what he is doing, he becomes attuned to very highly advanced entities; they are attracted to him, a bond is created. Then these luminous entities will be willing to come and work in him and, one day, when he leaves this earth, he will meet these ʻfriendsʼ with whom he has already learned to work, face to face. Never forget that your body is a society whose members make a constant effort to maintain unity. At the moment, you still do not know your associates who live inside you but, when you go to the next world, you will meet them and find out that they were your friends and that you lived in the same house together. You will learn, also, that you are going to be associates again, in your next incarnation. This is a very important question, and anyone who wants to manifest himself properly and accomplish the divine mission for which he has been sent to earth, must be aware of it.’ Excerpt from "Respiration" Brochure #303 

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


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